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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is done to treat the infected tooth instead of extraction. The core of the teeth which has the nerves and the blood vessels commonly known as the 'pulp’ gets infected and inflamed causing toothache and decay. Root canal treatment treats the pulp directly. The intricate procedure is done with care and perfection by some of the best experts in Bangalore at Basavangudi.

When is root canal done?

Root Canal procedure is done for multiple types of damage to the teeth:

Sensitive tooth

Crack or chip in the tooth

Normal to deep teeth decay

A toothache while eating

Root canal therapy has three purposes:

Stop a toothache

Prevent bacteria and pain from spreading into the jaw

Maintain the original tooth instead of replacing it with a denture or bridge

Laser Root Canal Treatment

Advancement in the medical field has resulted in lasers replacing the traditional drills in many procedures. Lasers have better accuracy in attacking and removing the infected part of the root canal and filling the space up with gutta-percha. They are also used to cut and open the teeth. The best in Basavangudi, we take care of every procedure. We promise lesser discomfort and bleeding than traditional drilling methods by the use of lasers.

Lasers have been used in the dental industry for treatment since the mid-’90s. Today, laser treatment is evolved to be highly risk-free and preferred method among dentists. Top dentists in Bengaluru at The Dental Studio are highly trained and have performed various procedures with lasers. Lasers are proving to be efficient and quick.

Lasers have been majorly used for treating tooth decay, gum diseases, lesion removal and teeth whitening since lasers cause less pain and swelling they can be used to remove damaged tissue by concentrating light. Lasers are also used to speed up the whitening process.

Root Canal Procedure

With the best and experienced endodontist in Basavangudi, we perform painless and highly precise work with maximum efficiency. Invest and act on your teeth now. Be sensitive about your teeth before your teeth start being sensitive.

1.) Every treatment begins after the initial care and check-up on your comfort

2.) Analyze your dental history

3.) X-ray of infected tooth and area

4.) Isolate the infected area with a dental dam

5.) Cleaning of the infected tooth and the beginning of the procedure

6.) Cut the tooth, clear and remove the infected tissue and flesh from the cavity

7.) Place gutta-percha sticks temporarily for a few days

8.) Replace the gutta-percha sticks with permanent filling and crown the teeth to protect the gums

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